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By Mr Evan 18 December 2019

Good basic documents true to their slogan of plain language law. Gets job done and easily modified.

Being the 2nd reviewer of the document I would entirely dismiss the comments made by Theresa.

This is a solid legal agreement for the intended purpose. Easy to purchase and immediately delivered.

If you are not aware, land titles provides the documentation required for you to change your land title. This agreement is a supplementary important item to better define your legal position, if required.

By William Ratcliffe 18 May 2022

It was shorter than I expected and focused on ownership only, rather than including any elements related to co-habitation expectations or rules of conduct. We are looking for a Tenants in Common agreement between two couples. This template was a starting point. We will not be using this until we buy a house together. Then we will get into the details.

By Janet 27 February 2022

The document achieved the goal of getting a legal agreement written up.
I would have preferred a little more header/footer embellishment but not a big deal.

By THERESA WYNN 25 February 2015

I bought it because I thought I needed it and it was the first Tenants in Common form I happened upon. When I got to Land Titles I was told I do not need this document so I paid $19 for a lot of frustration and no end result.

The field for typing were very rudimentary and the brackets remained unless you manually removed them.

The pay site said that if the credit card beginning date was not there (1983) to leave it blank, which I did. It would not advance the screen saying I had to fill all of the fields. It then bounced me back and I had lost all but my name. I lost my info twice so had to fill it out thrice and I was not at all happy.

Net Lawman responds 11 March 2015

We think your comments are a little unfair.

Really not our fault if you bought a document you did not need. We have refunded your money.

Most people like the freedom to be able to edit a document. You can remove all brackets instantly using search/replace function.

The payment problem arose on a page of the SagePay website, not ours. We really sympathise, but there is nothing we can do.