Lodger agreements and licences

Renting a spare room is increasingly popular. The key to making sure that you stay in control is that you use the right type of agreement for your circumstances. Our lodger agreements are "licences to occupy", suitable where the landlord lives alongside the lodger. All are drawn by property lawyers, easy to edit and come with full explanatory guidance notes.


    Rental agreement: licence to rent a room

    112 Reviews

    Use this rental agreement to rent a room in your home to one or more people. This agreement creates a licence to use the property, with far fewer legal requirements for the landlord than a lease or a tenancy agreement.

    Licence agreement: letting private garage

    15 Reviews

    A letting agreement for renting a garage, a lock-up, or any other small building or piece of open land for non-business use for a short term of up to 3 years. Do not use if tenant wants business use.

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    Written in plain English

    We avoid legal terminology unless necessary. Plain English makes our documents easy to understand, easy to edit and more likely to be accepted.

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    You don’t need legal knowledge to use our documents. We explain what to edit and how in the guidance notes included at the end of the document.

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    What customers thought
    Very Helpful
    This template was so helpful and thorough! I got me started and I was able to modify it to my own circumstances. Thank you for making this available.
    Linsy Rotar
    Tailored essential document
    I could not find any other online source for this particular document. It was specifically written for my geographic location and requirements.

    I had no idea how to thoroughly and properly write any document such as this. I have had problem tenants before, that will certainly happen. That is Ok if I am prepared and can deal with them swiftly.

    My biggest concern was that due to the nature of this purchase, I could not fully 'see' what I was actually getting. I mean, who doesn't want to see what they are buying before spending their money? Fortunately, my concerns were unfounded.

    I rated it 5 Stars because it was explained very well how to use it. The language is 'simple' for those who are not overly familiar with legal matters. The biggest benefit to me is peace of mind as I will have started the tenancy correctly now. What starts good generally stays good.

    I can certainly recommend this particular document. I have not yet purchased any other documents from Net Lawman. But this is an indication of the quality that can be expected.
    Erik Atchison
    Valuable Template
    This document provides a valuable template for a very common living situation that is largely under-represented: the home owner taking in a roommate. Not only is your website exceptional for acknowledging the difference between the tenancy act and the innkeeper act, you actually provide a document tailored for it! Just visiting this website is invaluable. The document is wonderful and sold at a very reasonable price. Very easy to use with really user friendly wording and helpful suggestions. Thank you very much. Would you consider creating a lodger application form?
    Nerin Carr
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